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    Would you take a dip in a swimming pool that once functioned as a subway station?

    Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a center-right candidate for mayor of Paris and former environment minister, has unveiled a series of plans to turn the legendary “ghost stations” of the Paris Metro into underground oases.

    [MORE: Abandoned Paris Metro Stations, Reborn as Nightclubs and Public Pools]

    That’s so awesome

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    Your kiss feels like home and I’m so fucking homesick.
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    As requested.

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    nothing feels better than winning monopoly. not love. not sex. not free pizza. nothing

    I’m sorry, have you tried pizza…?

    yes and it doesn’t compare to owning half the board and watching the light die from your friends eyes as you take their money and feel your friendship slowly deteriorate

    i like you

    I have never heard a more beautiful truth

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when im drunk as fuck and tryna show my friends some affection.


    when im drunk as fuck and tryna show my friends some affection.

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