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    It took me 12 years to go frame by frame and realize that weird lag I had always noticed was Tulio pausing to kiss Miguel before pushing him off the cliff in a desperate attempt to save their lives…


    The Road to El Dorado: Miguel & Tulio: The original script had them be lovers, calling each other ‘darling’ and such. Although the idea was shot down, they left in scenes where you can kind of tell what they were pushing for.”


    You’re forgetting the scene in the beginning where they’re prisoners in the ship. Tulio is lifting Miguel so Miguel and look out, and Tulio briefly rubs his face against Miguel’s ass. Best. ever. 



    fucking get me started


    on my gay analysis

    of El fucking Dorado


    ^This part is subtle and often missed. At the end, when Tulio and Miguel are reunited, they run to hug each other and Altivo interrupts just as Tulio has his hand on his pal’s waist.

    All gifs here made by me because SACRIFICES! I actually have hundreds more to make but who knows if I’ll ever finish—especially since my hard drive kaboomed and I lost my perfectly organized clips.

    Edit: AHH IMAGES FIXED. SO SORRY ABOUT THAT.  Some of you have been asking for further analysis. I direct you to a fic study I did on their relationship in the movie: The Magnificent.

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    My 100 Ladies in 2013 

    17. Sarah Paulson

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  8. My two favorite girls. 

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    The first time we really took pictures together. 

    She is truly the most beautiful person I have ever met. She is always there when I need her and I hope I do the same for her. 

    Time flies when I am with you. When I am with you I feel like I am finally home.

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    As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.

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    If I consider you a close friend chances are I’m gonna be at least a little gay with you


    more like I went overly gay with you.

    Well, either way we are here now and I found my soulmate.

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ok..it’s broken..be creative..


    ok..it’s broken..be creative..

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